Yuzuru Hanyu | 羽生 結弦 | Highest Scoring Jumps of his Career


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Yuzuru Hanyu (羽生 結弦) – Highest Scoring Jumps of his Career..

This video presents Yuzuru Hanyu’s Highest Scoring Jumps of her career in ascending order. I got all my data from SkatingScores.com. Some clips I could not find, so I used the highest scoring alternative jump.

I hope you enjoy this video: Please let me know which jump of Yuzuru’s is your favourite in the comment section down below!! Don’t forget to like, comment and Subscribe!! 🙂

x = Jump Landed in Second half of Program – 10% bonus given
+GOE = Positive Grade of Execution
TS = Total Score for Jump (Base Value + GOE)

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